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Digital Artist

Hello, I'm Mac Hewitt, an Acrylic painter based in Melbourne, Australia. With a background in Industrial Design and Animation, I've always been drawn to creative pursuits. When the Covid pandemic hit, I noticed a gap in activities for the disability sector, which inspired my partner and I to take action. Together, we established art programs at our studio, catering specifically to people with disabilities.

Our students' unique interests and perspectives have played a significant role in shaping my artistic journey. As a result, I find myself drawn to themes like animals and fairy tale stories, reflecting the enchanting world that captures their imagination. 

My aesthetic is intricately intertwined with the way I perceive dreams and memories. When I depict my visions, a captivating figure takes center stage, while the background recedes into a hazy, almost ethereal fog. I'm drawn to the allure of using bold, saturated colors, enriching the emotion in a way reminiscent of the intensity in a dream.

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